Netflix Culture: A Closer Look at the Dream Team

Netflix has long been hailed for its groundbreaking HR policies that offer employees extraordinary freedoms and compensation in return for extraordinary work. Rather than see their staff as family, they operate as an elite sports team. As long as you’re at the top of your game, you can stay, but once your performance level drops, you’re out. In this NPR podcast from 2015, Patty McCord, the company’s original Chief Talent Officer explains that the days of all employees are numbered and that works best for everyone.

We’ve all seen companies suffer when a staff member, especially an executive and/or founder, can’t accept that it’s time for him/her to step aside and move on, but is this model really what employees want? A quick glance at Netflix’s Glassdoor reviews shows employees generally rate their experience with the company as positive, even when they have complaints about the pressure. Is high turnover and a frequent influx of new ideas the key start-up success or does it create a churn and burn model that will be hard to sustain over time?

Check out the 20-minute podcast and be sure not to miss the interesting twists at the end that just may change your thoughts on the whole thing: