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Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley, by Emily Chang. 

Brotopia is a wonderful insight for women in tech. It shows how Silicon Valley, the portrayed land of promises for most, is unfairly ruled by men. Starting with the story of the famous "Lenna" photo that was used in several image processing experiments, author Emily Chang takes us to explore different stories of women who have gone through so many challenges and hardships, but despite it all still triumphed in tech!

The stars of this book happen to work (or worked) at tech firms that greatly impact our everyday lives. From Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg to Uber's Susan Fowler and Yahoo's Marissa Mayer, the individual stories are interesting and share an eye-opening message to something the entire world must be aware of: women in tech need more support and empowerment.

It is a validated, well-supported shout-out of encouragement to women to join the tech industry and diversify the workplace. Women are heavy users of social media platforms and many other technologies, so why are they being given a hard time in this male dominated realm? Firms need to appoint more women on their boards, venture capital firms need to hire more women partners, but most importantly women must themselves be the change advocates. They need to revolutionize against this unfair equation -- a very much needed bold move for the world today that prides itself on radical changes. 

Thank you Emma Waldman for the wonderful recommendation :)

Upcoming: An Excel Manual that will take you from Zero to Hero!

I still remember the first time I learned the incredible powers of Excel. It was like being eight again: having a hard time memorizing the multiplication table and then my older sister showing me the magic of a calculator. I just wanted to tell every eight-year-old out there about this tool that could save them so much time and effort. Ten years later, I felt the same way, but this time it was with a more powerful tool: Microsoft Excel. The wonders of Excel and the joy felt after a formula works are incredible! This time around, my urge is to tell my students who are eventually entering the business world about this tool. Excel wizardry is a must-have skill; it will help students with several courses and land their first job/internship when they are on the market.

In today’s world, proficiency in Excel is no longer an added skill. It is a requirement and a necessity to complete work tasks efficiently. Many students dread Excel and view it as a complicated tool—and hence ignore its ability to be a lifesaver. Others simply have not had the opportunity to learn what it can do and how it can help them be more productive on the job. Taking these two factors into consideration, I created an Excel manual that is simple and practical. By “simple,” I mean that the provided descriptions and instructions are not overwhelming to the extent that they are distracting and/or boring. Rather, they are straightforward, informing students of what they need to know in the easiest and fastest way possible. The manual is “practical” in the sense that it has just the knowledge needed in businesses and teaches students shortcuts that are useful for executing everyday tasks on the job. After completing this manual, students will be armed with the necessary Excel skills to be more productive on the job and complete the two Microsoft Excel certifications: the core and expert levels.

​Each chapter begins with a small case study describing a problem faced. Adopting this scenario, the book takes a step-by-step approach to describe how to solve this problem using Excel. The mode of learning is progressive; each chapter builds on the skills acquired in an earlier lesson. Skills from previous chapters are included again in subsequent chapters as students move forward—a refreshing reminder of the students’ progress and growing Excel acumen.

To be acclaimed as an Excel Ninja, you will also learn keyboard shortcuts. You will find that several instructions have a shortcut tip displayed in red. A summary of all shortcuts will also be displayed at the end of each chapter. Using keyboard shortcuts will save you a lot of time and make you look more professional.

There’s no need to worry about starting out with a weak Excel knowledge base. This manual will take you from zero to hero. In other words, it assumes that you do not know how to use Excel and, through a step-by-step approach, teaches you the very basics up until the more sophisticated skills.

Excel is a great tool for managing huge amounts of data. By recognizing patterns, transforming your data into meaningful charts, and highlighting outliers, it helps you find a story behind the numbers in your data set. Being able to identify the right story often leads to better decision making.

My pick for teaching Management Information Systems:

Adopting the book Information Systems: A Manager's Guide to Harnessing Technology by John Gallaugher is one of the best choices I have made for teaching my classes.

One obvious reason for selecting this book is its claim to the “Textbook Excellence Award” from the Text and Academic Authors Association. Updated each summer, it stays very current to the latest and greatest in tech. It is also very well written, and at the same time, very cost efficient. However, reasons for choosing this book in particular go a little beyond.

In his research that examines how case study methodologies differentiate top schools from other average institutions, Joseph Winston (2018) explains that despite the world  changing at a pace faster than ever before, business schools still teach theory based on outdated facts. With cell phones depicted as a "space age technology", Winston highlights that Facebook, which "came to the forefront of the American mind in 2005" is still classified as a “New Media” in many business school curricula. Winston's message about this stagnancy being unacceptable in our world today is important to remember as a management school professor. We are living in the most relentlessly dynamic business environment ever, and hence updates that keep up with the ongoing in the real world are crucial to keep students well informed in the business world and engaged in class.  Yet, updated  information in text books alone is not enough to provide students with a well rounded understanding of crucial concepts and how they apply in various scenarios.  As Winston notes, case based curriculum is key to help students "see the application of information and lessons taught in class". 


This book explores mini-cases of current tech firms, such as Amazon, Google, and Netflix that impact our everyday lives. It shows how many of these firms have succeeded by leveraging tech into their business processes in the right manner to create sustainable competitive advantages. Simultaneously, it sheds light on firms that were not so successful and explores the reasons behind these failures. Through these up to date and relatable cases and stories, students end up learning about many of the concepts and frameworks in IT that are durable and applicable even as technologies and industries change.


In short, students today are entering the most advanced and complicated business environment ever. Through this book, students gain a managerial utility belt that  enables them to say: Hey I know what’s happening in this situation and I think I know what we need to do to make sure that we are on the winning side of what are often:

 “Winner takes all…Winner takes most Markets”.

Tech Gossip: MS Office 2019 - Explore the Changes, Give Feedback, and make Suggestions.

If you're anything like me, you probably can't wait to find out what the new version of MS Office holds in store. 

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